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We provide a safety and security window film that is made of a polyester compound that provides a transparent barrier holding glass in place from the moment of impact. This service provides a protective layer against any dangers that may threaten your safety to your home or business.

Protect from


Safety Film/Anti-intrusion film significantly enhances safety by providing an added layer of protection to windows and glass doors, making them more resistant to break-ins and forced entry. This can lead to reduced insurance premiums and greater peace of mind for occupants.
Defend Against

Forced entry and theft

Defend against forced entry and theft with safety film, which is extremely difficult to penetrate. This durable film provides an effective deterrent against thieves, significantly enhancing the security of your property. With its clear appearance, it maintains the aesthetic appeal of your windows while offering robust protection.

Graffiti and tagging

Protect your property from graffiti and tagging with our safety and security window tint. If vandals strike, the film can be easily removed, taking the graffiti with it and leaving your windows unscathed. This efficient solution not only keeps your premises looking clean but also saves time and money on graffiti removal.

About Us

Our Vision

Safeguard Schools aim to support public and private schools with knowledge and research to safely protect and ensure an excellent learning environment where fear of violence, criminal activity, and uncertainty is removed. We focus on school safety entrance and egress locations to include windows and doors. Our focus is based on anti-intrusion with Good, Better, and Best protective solutions. We also audit existing schools to identify and remove any existing vulnerabilities.

Our Why

Safeguard Schools was founded by Bryan Bodrero, 30+ year owner of AZ Tint of Utah.  Mr. Bodrero found that security film was either confusing or not installed properly to ensure its protection claims. He founded Safeguard Schools, a Not-For-Profit organization for the purpose of safely securing our schools and offering support, research, guidance, installation, and consultation to ensure the many school districts make the BEST choice for their students, staff, and faculty. At Safeguard Schools, we believe that schools have great options with limited funding. We obtain grant funding and donations to assist schools with their financial constraints to go from a “Good” solution to a “Better” or “Best” solution. We can offer further consulting, window and door material auditing, and overall support to make the right decision for each school district to align with the needs of the state of Utah. Focusing on HB 84 and the Safe School Amendment, we aim to ensure EVERY school has the “Best” safety solutions possible.